Age of Worms 4e

Loot and money as of jan 28, 2012

This is a list of the items that i have which I believe are claimed with the person i think owns them correct as appropriate. Goggles 3 arcana(Sardis), Magical Cloth AC, Holy adversaries +2 (Sardis),Dire Boar Hide, Amulet Prote2 (Dara), Scale Mail blood iron 2 (Seadna), Hide life vine +2 (Pischio), Longsword Carnage +2 (Gwaethon), Longsword staggering +2 (Pischio), Longbow retributive +2 (Dara), Amulet of passage (Cho), Leather +2 sun leaf (Dara), Ki focus final sleep +2 (Cho),2 Flesh grinder Great ax (sardis), Gauntlets of blood (Larissa), Stalwart Belt (Pischio), Plate mail Vitality +2 (Gwaethon), Longbow targeting +2 (Larissa), Full Blade flesh grinder +2 (Seadna),Predator’s Hide +2 (Larissa), Circlet of Arcane Extension (sardis), Red Leather Boots of Wild Runners (Seadna), Amulet of Protection +2(seadna) Amulet of life +2 (gwaethon), Bracers Tactical Blows (lvl6) (Sardis), Ring of Dragons(Sardis), Amulet of life protection +2 (Pischio), Panther slippers (Gwaethon).

The following items are useful and so far unclaimed to my knowledge. Deep pocket Cloak,Shield shimmering light,Skull Mask,Baldric of time.

In addition I have the following items that are utility and should be known to exist but don’t need to be claimed.Wand(Cold), Handy Haversack, Rope of climbing, 1 Alchemists acid, 3 Alchemists fire, 3 elixirs of protection from evil, 3 lvl 5 corpse bursters, 3 vials of unreadable ink, Map of unseen Lands.

In addition everyone has 3065 gp 9 sp and 6 cp from selling the items we had no hope of using and tallying up all of the rest of the loot not included above.



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