Theren Lyndmore, Cornet

Arrogant Glory hound, a cavalry officer with the Waterdeep 3rd company, an excellent rider


Theren is of some class that excels in close combat and is an excellent rider. He may be learning enough as an officer that he might be able to develop into a competent warlord.


Theren has few virtues save his good looks and skill at arms. As a Cornet he has purchased his commission with he Waterdeep 3rd company but he is a competent enough officer. He seeks glory above all and will react badly to any insults, weather real or perceived.


Gwaethon Lyndmoore, Cousin. Theren never got along well with Gwaethon and takes issue with his lack of support for the families interests.

Theren Lyndmoore, Trader, Cousin. Theren sees his younger cousin as a bit of a bumpkin.

Lyndmoore Family

Theren Lyndmore, Cornet

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