Theren Lyndmoore, Father

Gwaethon's Father, Merchant who deals with Elves and Eladrin


Theren Lyndmoore is a middle aged merchant. Despite being Half-elven he appears almost full blood a fortuitous circumstance as he is one of the families representatives to the various Elven and Eladrin communities near Waterdeep.

He as a cordial but distant relationship with his son as their interests never coincided. He does however fully support Gwaethon’s entry into the Martial orders of Torm. He has occasionally asked his son for aid on trade disputes, but Gwaethon hasn’t always decided in favor of the Lyndmoore’s, causing some tension. When not on a trade mission Theren lives in the family estates in Waterdeep with his wife and daughter.


Gwaethon Lyndmoore, Son

Briel Lyndmoore, Child, Daughter. He is devoted to her and she is spoiled because of it.

Adriana Lyndmoore, beloved wife. She has deteriorated in the last year, Theren has tried to keep her comfortable but is at a loss of what to do, the doctors have had no suggestions as of yet.

Lyndmoore Family

Theren Lyndmoore, Father

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