Briel Lyndmoore, Child

Gwaethon's Younger Sister, a Budding young Rogue of one kind or annother


Possibly the beginnings of a bard, rogue, or assassin class.


Briel is significantly younger than her brother, and is only now coming of age. Her social debut will likely take place during this upcoming social season. She is charming, well spoken, very clever, and quite skilled with a blade. Her family sees no reason why a young lady cannot uphold the honor of the family while upholding womanly virtues. She does however have a bit of a mischievous streak, only exacerbated by her families acceptance of what ever path she chooses. Most recently she has joined the ranks of edificers who climb various routes across the city by night.


Adriana Lyndmoore, Mother, her growing madness worries Briel and Briel might jump at the chance to find an explanation or cure. For right now she spends time risking her life to keep her mind occupied.

Theren Lyndmoore, Father, He has allowed her indulge her fancies, however with his wifes illness he may grow over protective.

Gwaethon Lyndmoore, Older Brother, They grew up mostly apart but they always got along despite their differing attitude to risks and adventure.

Lyndmoore Family

Briel Lyndmoore, Child

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