Delfen "Yellowknife" Ondabar

The "Smartest Man in Town"


Delfen is an affable mage who is bearded, short, and increasingly stout. Delfen is an ex-adventurer and onetime resident of Iriaebor who retired to Daggerford more than 15 years ago to pursue tutoring would-be mages.

Passing adventurers have identified him as having a good reputation as an adventurer in Iriaebor, but how he came to retire in Daggerford is a question he’s never felt the need to answer. He is somewhat rare for a wizard: a willing, patient teacher of magic who takes on new apprentices and is easy about payment. He’s been known to cast a spell or two for hire, aiding adventurers and others with the gold to pay for his services.

He offers his library and knowledge to the citizens of Diamond Lake as a sage. He charges a standard rate of 20gp per question, though he does not seem interested in the money.

Word of Delfen has spread from Icewind Dale to the northern towns of Calimshan, but the mage enjoys a life of training and ease. He’s not at all interested in the dangers of resuming an adventuring career, but he loves to listen to tales of the exploits of others and take from them hints about treasures not yet plundered to dispense as sage advice to others. He takes particular interest in the old cairns in the hills around Daggerford.

Delfen is well liked by his apprentices and former students. Delfen doesn’’t reveal much of his powers or past. He’’s known to possess a library of spell books.

Delfen "Yellowknife" Ondabar

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