Sherlen Spearslayer

Comander of the Militia


Sherlen came to Daggerford a few years back with her husband, another adventurer. While she was having their child, he went off on another adventure and hasn’’t returned. After her child was born, she joined the militia and quickly rose to command it. She’’s a stern taskmaster, making “”rare as a smile on Sherlen’’s face”” a common saying in Daggerford, since the time her husband was supposed to return passed.

She’’s extremely fair, however, taking delight in militia troops who do well. She’’s full of good advice, and has no inclination to adventure until she knows for sure what’s happened to her husband.

She is known to not like the way the town has declined over the past two years, though she supports the Governor-Mayor out of respect for the political process.

Sherlen Spearslayer

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