Lady Valna Lyndmoore

Elderly Matriarch of the Lyndmoore family, Great Great Great Great Grandmother of Gwaethon


Up to the DM, but she is clever, caring, good, and not someone to cross. She might not be able to hurt you directly but she can make or ruin your reputation and your business, or just hire the mercenaries to deal with you.

Of Gwaethon’s family she is one of the most likely to be an ex adventurer.

Lady Valna is the elderly Elf who married a human merchant almost 300 years ago to begin the rise of the Lyndmoore family. She is old, even for her race, and is beginning to show her age. However, she is still the vibrant Lady who has overseen the rise of the Lynmoore family over the last centuries. Clever and ruthless in business she has a soft spot for her large family and Gwaethon is a particular favorite of hers. She is still in mourning for her human husband who died many years ago.


Gwaethon Lyndmoore, a favorite grandson, she follows his adventures with interest

Lyndmoore Family

Lady Valna Lyndmoore

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