Age of Worms 4e

Loot so far

Tiara – at will -1 to save

Black orb Remote

1 chainmail
crumbling sack
3 statues
2 wands
wand of cold cast 1d6
wand of shield immediate +4 to ac reflex
goggles +3 to arcana
+1 staff with 6 grooves

2 plat, 89 gold,

deep ferrers pouch
3 potions of healing

What you know from the Wind Duke Glyph

The glyphs don’t seem to be formed from common alphabet, although they are reminiscent of arcane symbols representing elemental air.

The glyph represents a name. The Glyph on the apparatus is probably higher ranking than the glyph on the sarcophagus.

The letterforms look similar to an ancient glyph language called Vaati, which some unorthodox scholars consider the original written form of Auran.

Vaati is an Auran word meaning ‘Wind Duke,’ and refers to the legendary Wind Dukes of Calim who forged the Shattered Scepter of Calim. A book called the Chronical of Chan, falsely attributed to a princess of elemental air, records a full record of the Wind Dukes present at the battle at the end of the Era of Skyfire and a general record of what took place there. This book can be found in a library in Waterdeep.

Loot From Session 1

The adventuring company of no name found the following:

A Red Ruby (worth approx. 50 gp)
A small child sized skull


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