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  • Character Creation

    h4. Races You can use any race found in the PH, PH2, or Forgotten Realms Player's Guide except Drow. Refer to [[Fitting in to Daggerford | Fitting in to Daggerford]] when considering your race and how it affects your experience of the town. h4. …

  • Fitting in to Daggerford

    h4. Races * Changelings (Eb) Changelings are viewed with distrust in the Realms, due to their relation to doppelgangers. They tend to hide themselves with their natural talents wherever they live. * Deva (Asimar) (PH2) Devas occasionally …

  • Characters

    The adventuring party is comprised of: * [[:70306 | Gwaethon]] * [[:seadna | SĂ©adna]] * [[:keothi-perithoriakos-thuliaga | Keothi Perithoriakos Thuliaga]] * [[:dara-tathmiel | Dara Tathmiel]]