Character Creation


You can use any race found in the PH, PH2, or Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide except Drow.

Refer to Fitting in to Daggerford when considering your race and how it affects your experience of the town.


You can use any class from PH, PH2, PH3 or Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide.

Refer to Fitting in to Daggerford when considering how your class fits into the town.


No evil characters.

Ability scores

Use Method 2: Customizing Scores from the PH to determine your ability scores.


You can use any feats from the published mainline 4e books and Forgotten Realms 4e books except where they call on restricted races and classes.


Use Waterdeep as your Background unless you have good story for why you are stuck in Daggerford without having been born there. You will get the regional benefits from this as well as the benefits from one other background.


Everyone needs to pick a phobia. It can be anything.

Other consideration

You should look through backgrounds. You will gain a bonus in addition to your regional bonus and can choose to take a +2 to one listed skill or a +1 to both. In addition, if there is a background idea that is not listed, you can discuss creating it with me.

Also, think about where you would have found work in Daggerford and what kind of life you have lived there. One thing is certain, this may be where you lived a chunk of your life and where you are stuck right now, but it is not where you want to stay.

Check out Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality and Background for advice on building a fully fleshed out character.

Character Creation

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