Daggerford is a small town in the Western Heartlands that lies on the banks of the River Delimbyr where the Trade Way crosses the river. This walled city was is currently ruled by Governor-Mayor Llanod Ondabar of Irieabor.


Five hundred years ago, a merchant’s son armed only with a dagger stood in a shallow spot in the Delimbiyr River and fought off a lizardfolk raiding party, slaying six before his family and the rest of the caravan arrived to drive the lizardfolk off and retake the ford. Now the walled town of Daggerford keeps that same area clear for travelers.

Since the spellplague, 100 years ago, Daggerford has slowly fallen apart. What was once a quaint village has slowly been transformed into a grungy mining town, synonymous with vice and exploitation. Currently, the town council has elected Llanod Ondabar, the little-known brother of well respected Delfen “Yellowknife” Ondabar. Rumors suggest that this choice was made to avoid electing mine owner Balabar Smenk, which would have placed the town completely under control of the mine owners. Llanod quickly appointed his old adventuring companion, Cubbin, as sheriff and began selling political favors to the highest bidder.


In imitation of nearby Waterdeep, the identities of the 23-member Town Council of Daggerford are nominally secret to all but each other, though the majority of the town knows that the roster includes the town’s guildmasters and most prominent clerics.

The current roster includes:

Other guilds represented are the animal handlers, carpenters, farmers, heralds and runners, leatherworkers, moneylenders, physicians, pleaders, rivermen, scribes, spellcasters, tailors, tanners, taverners, and watermen.


The most prominent deities in Daggerford are Chauntea, Lathander, Tempus, Tymora, and Tyr. Local sects include the Bronzewood Lodge of Silvanus, The Cult of Ascended Lovers, and the Old Order.

Worship centers:

Locations of Note


Personal Residences


Daggerford is located between the Ardeep Forest and the Lizard Marsh along the Trade Way. Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, is 120 miles WNW along the Trade Way. Criam Hold lies 15 miles east olng the river at the endge of the Lizard Marsh. Julkoun and Secomber lie 90 and 165 miles east, respectively, by river (upstream) or by road through hills. The Bronzewood Lodge lies across the river and 90 miles to the east by trackless plains, near the northern edge of the Misty Forest. Daggerford’s iron and silver mines lie 5 to 20 miles to the east of town by mountain trail, on the same side of the river, in the small range of mountains that rise up at the southern end of the Forlorn Hills. The southern end of the Forlorn Hills lies east of Daggerford along the northern bank of the River Delimibyr, south of the Forlorn Hills and the trail that connects Secomber with the Trade Way. Mount Illefarn is the most prominent of the mountains and perhaps the only one to merit the name, while Grossetgrottel lies within a lesser known peak to the west.


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