The Chapel of Tyr

Since the Spellplague, Tyr relinquished his godhood to Torm, but the chapel has retained its name. Worship, however, has shifted to Torm.

Most of the guards and soldiers serving in Daggerford honor Torm as the patron saint of justice. Tyr’s temple is little more than a large high-ceilinged chamber next to the Barracks, but it boasts the second largest congregation in Daggerford. It is led by Valkus Dun.

A massive wall fresco of a mythic battle between Tyr and Bane looms over the chapel’s bronzewood altar. The holy image is lit by dozens of guttering torches by night and several stained glass windows by day. Weekly services exhibit a great deal of fraternity and sober, harmonic hymns. They are open to the public, but are dominated by soldiers and guards.


The Chapel of Tyr

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