The Daggerford Barracks

After an invasion from Dragonspear Castle, the Council of Guilds decided the town needed a central place for on-duty troops to stay as well as a headquarters for the 3rd-Company troops stationed by Waterdeep. The barracks is a two-story construction with a drill field used by the militia.

A third of the soldiers are always out on patrol, a wide circle of nearby roadways and wildlands that takes them away from Daggerford for a week at a time. Remaining soldiers drill, maintain the garrison, hunt, and familiarize themselves with local terrain.

The bored soldiers present rich mining ground for a cadre of clerics and paladins of Tyr, who provide spiritual and magical aid to the warriors.

Captain Sherlen Spearslayer, the garrison’s commander, has the respect of her charges and of the community at large. She has little interest in the day to day politics of Daggerford, though she is not pleased with its decline. She encourages her men to stay out of local business.

The complete Barracks force consists of 60 soldiers. Militia members typically wear leaather or chainmail armor and carry a longsword or shortbow. This force is divided into thirds, with each squad led by a lieutenant. These lieutenants are Dobrun Trent, Mikela Venderin, and Trovost Skunt.

The Daggerford Barracks

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