Age of Worms 4e

Loot and money as of jan 28, 2012

This is a list of the items that i have which I believe are claimed with the person i think owns them correct as appropriate. Goggles 3 arcana(Sardis), Magical Cloth AC, Holy adversaries +2 (Sardis),Dire Boar Hide, Amulet Prote2 (Dara), Scale Mail blood iron 2 (Seadna), Hide life vine +2 (Pischio), Longsword Carnage +2 (Gwaethon), Longsword staggering +2 (Pischio), Longbow retributive +2 (Dara), Amulet of passage (Cho), Leather +2 sun leaf (Dara), Ki focus final sleep +2 (Cho),2 Flesh grinder Great ax (sardis), Gauntlets of blood (Larissa), Stalwart Belt (Pischio), Plate mail Vitality +2 (Gwaethon), Longbow targeting +2 (Larissa), Full Blade flesh grinder +2 (Seadna),Predator’s Hide +2 (Larissa), Circlet of Arcane Extension (sardis), Red Leather Boots of Wild Runners (Seadna), Amulet of Protection +2(seadna) Amulet of life +2 (gwaethon), Bracers Tactical Blows (lvl6) (Sardis), Ring of Dragons(Sardis), Amulet of life protection +2 (Pischio), Panther slippers (Gwaethon).

The following items are useful and so far unclaimed to my knowledge. Deep pocket Cloak,Shield shimmering light,Skull Mask,Baldric of time.

In addition I have the following items that are utility and should be known to exist but don’t need to be claimed.Wand(Cold), Handy Haversack, Rope of climbing, 1 Alchemists acid, 3 Alchemists fire, 3 elixirs of protection from evil, 3 lvl 5 corpse bursters, 3 vials of unreadable ink, Map of unseen Lands.

In addition everyone has 3065 gp 9 sp and 6 cp from selling the items we had no hope of using and tallying up all of the rest of the loot not included above.

The Story So Far
A poorly writen, but hopefully informative recap

A group of adventurers recently arrived in Daggerford seeking their fortune in a local cairn known to be picked clean. Inspired by them, The Magically Unnamed Adventuring Group From Daggerford (TMUAGFD) set out out find their fortune in the Whispering Cairn, an ancient tomb that local children used to explore on dares.

Upon entering the tomb, TMUAGFD found a group of kobolds fighting wolves. These kobolds were led by Krom and are part of a tribe displaced by an infection spreading through the Lizard Marshes. After letting these kobolds go on their way, TMUAGFD braved the puzzels, traps, and other dangers of the cairn. As they approached the end of their explorations, they found the ghost of young Alastor Land, who offered to get TMUAGFD past an unopenable door if they buried his bones next to those of his family.

Upon reaching the Land farmstead, TMUAGFD found that Land family plot had recently been dug up. They found evidence that Balabar Smenk’s gang, lead by the Half-Orc Kullen, had something to do with this. After questioning Kullen, the party discovered that a necromancer named Filge had recently arrived in town and had requested the bones. TMUAGFD confonted Filge, putting an end to his nefarious deeds and discovering that he was hired my Smenk to investigate unkillable zombies and green worms. TMUAGFD turned Filge over to the authorities and went to question Smenk.

Balabar Smenk told TMUAGFD that he had been hired by Derwin Ironeater to supply a group of cultists who had taken up residence in a recently unearthed temple in Dourstone’s mine. Smenk gave the party information in exchange for the removal of this cult, which he saw as a threat.

TMUAGFD’s own Lerissa worked as a low level overseer in the mine and, between her knowledge and some clever trickery, the party was able to get into the temple. It was composed of three wings, each housing a different cult. As the party worked their way through the wings, they discovered that the cult was a group known as the Ebon Triad, who were seeking to merge Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul into one big supergod. As he died, the last cult leader, Grallak Kur, spoke of visions of worms crawling from cracks in the earth and stated that a member of TMUAGFD was involved in the rise of the worms. Lerissa informed the party of dreams she had been having of worms crawling out of the earth.

Thinking that they had thwarted the Ebon Triad, TMUAGFD made for the exit. As they returned to the main temple area, the ground began to shake and a horrible creature emerged from a black pool in the center of the room. The Ebon Aspect, the representation of the three merged gods, was before them. They faught the beast and eventually killed the beast, preventing it from ravaging Daggerford and the rest of Ferun.

The party then decided to go to talk to Delfen, to whom they had delivered Filge’s worm, to tell him of the temple and the cult…

Loot so far

Tiara – at will -1 to save

Black orb Remote

1 chainmail
crumbling sack
3 statues
2 wands
wand of cold cast 1d6
wand of shield immediate +4 to ac reflex
goggles +3 to arcana
+1 staff with 6 grooves

2 plat, 89 gold,

deep ferrers pouch
3 potions of healing

What you know from the Wind Duke Glyph

The glyphs don’t seem to be formed from common alphabet, although they are reminiscent of arcane symbols representing elemental air.

The glyph represents a name. The Glyph on the apparatus is probably higher ranking than the glyph on the sarcophagus.

The letterforms look similar to an ancient glyph language called Vaati, which some unorthodox scholars consider the original written form of Auran.

Vaati is an Auran word meaning ‘Wind Duke,’ and refers to the legendary Wind Dukes of Calim who forged the Shattered Scepter of Calim. A book called the Chronical of Chan, falsely attributed to a princess of elemental air, records a full record of the Wind Dukes present at the battle at the end of the Era of Skyfire and a general record of what took place there. This book can be found in a library in Waterdeep.

Loot From Session 1

The adventuring company of no name found the following:

A Red Ruby (worth approx. 50 gp)
A small child sized skull


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