Liam Sunmist

Cleric of Lathander


Liam is the head Cleric of the Church of Lathander in Daggerford. He is a bombastic orator whose sermons appeal to the best virtues and values of the common man while at the same time preying upon their fears and superstitions. He endlessly preaches a creed of common sense, honesty, and self-sacrifice.

He spends most of his time in seclusion, writing sermons and communicating with his god. He occasionally evangalizes at Jarek’s Flophouse and usually attracts several more people to his flock each time. His followers are said to follow him as much as Lathander and it is only because he keeps his followers from violating the law that his sect has been allowed to grow.

He performs three sermons a week; each fills to capacity at least an hour before they start. He tailors his sermons towards the recruitment of new followers and urges them to reclaim Daggerford under the banner of community and strong values. “Dark times is coming,” he says. “Writhing times. You best be ready when the clouds snuff out the sky.”


Liam Sunmist

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