Gwaethon Lyndmoore

An arbiter in the service of Torm


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Gwaethon, level 6
Half-Elf, Paladin
Build: Protecting Paladin
Versatile Expertise Option: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Versatile Expertise Option: Versatile Expertise (Holy Symbol)
Half-Elf Power Selection Option: Dilettante
Waterdeep (Waterdeep Benefit)
Theme: Knight Hospitaler

STR 10, CON 16, DEX 8, INT 13, WIS 15, CHA 19

STR 10, CON 14, DEX 8, INT 13, WIS 14, CHA 16

AC: 24 Fort: 19 Ref: 19 Will: 20
HP: 61 Surges: 14 Surge Value: 15

Diplomacy +16, Insight +14(Includes +2 from second background for AgeofWorms), Intimidate +12, Religion +9

Acrobatics –2, Arcana +4, Athletics –1, Bluff +7, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +2, Heal +5, History +4, Nature +5, Perception +5, Stealth –2, Streetwise +7, Thievery –2

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Knight Hospitaler Utility: Shield of Devotion
Paladin Feature: Divine Mettle
Paladin Feature: Divine Strength
Paladin Feature: Divine Challenge
Paladin Feature: Lay on Hands
Bard Attack 1: Guiding Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Virtuous Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Enfeebling Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Valorous Smite
Paladin Attack 1: Majestic Halo
Paladin Utility 2: Virtue
Paladin Attack 3: Righteous Smite
Paladin Attack 5: Unyielding Faith
Knight Hospitaler Utility 6: Radiant Stride

Level 1: Group Defense
Level 2: Devoted Paladin
Level 4: Versatile Expertise
Level 6: In Shining Armor

Heavy Shield x1
Deepfarer’s Pouch
Backpack (empty)
Flint and Steel
Belt Pouch (empty)
Trail Rations
Silk Rope (50 ft.)
Martyr’s Plate Armor +1 x1
Carnage Longsword +2 x1
Holy Symbol x1
Amulet of Life +2 x1
== End ==



Born to the Lyndmoore family that merged a sucessful merchant with minor nobility several generations ago. Gwaethon grew up in the sea ward surrounded by the little luxuries that a large and sucessful family could provide. In keeping with his name (elvish:oath-weaver) and position as a son of a cadet line he carried on the noble tradition of joining the martial orders of the Just god Torm under whose auspices the family has endured. The elven family matriarch Lady Valna, who is still in morning for her human husband, blessed his choice and still keeps an eye on one of her favorite grand-son’s adventures. Other members of the familiy have been less than pleased that he has not used his position to benifit the family’s interest.
Political maneuvering by a rival family resulted in a posting five years ago as an arbiter in Daggerford. While Gwaethon misses the City of Splendors he has enjoyed the duty of resolving issues of justice and contracts among the merchants and citizens of Daggerford, though the recent politial changes have kept him extremely busy and frustrated. He works well with Valkus Dun and is an active participant in his congregation, and the highpriest has counseld him in several recent contract cases. He has developed a bit of an interest in Mélinde due to their shared enjoyment of Dragonchess and he can regularly be found in Lazare’s working on his skills, which while hardly meager, are nowhere near a match for the local masters just yet. He keeps rooms at the Daggerford Barracks. Unless things improve in the village Gwaethon is seeking another posting either as an arbiter eslewhere or to prove himself questing and be granted unattached duty.

Other Player Characters

  • Séadna and Gwaethon regularly drill together with the militia and Gwaethon has often attended the inns where she tells stories. He respects her as a combatant but has never really gotten an handle on using a sword as big as hers. He also has sent letters through his family from Séadna to her brother Conell, but has yet to tender a reply. He knows that she is from Waterdeep, and probably well-born, and suspects that she and the young woman who disappeared in scandal three years ago are one and the same. He hasn’t discussed it with her assuming that she has her reasons. Generally they get along and trust each other as fellow combatants and half-elves. Wanderlust is hitting both of them after years in the same town and they have often talked of where they might travel, though not necessarily together. She however needs some more money to travel, and he needs to be allowed to change post and quest rather than sit behind a desk most of the time.
  • Gwaethon and Dara know of one another by working on missions for the Garrison together. Once, on a mission to kill a marauding beast Gwaethon was able to use Dara’s insight to provide a solution that saved the troops from significant risk, and kept the beast alive. After that, she recommended him to the elders to help deal with mining and farming disputes, having proven that he took their ways of life seriously. The two have had a professional sort of friendship since, not being particularly close, but respecting and appreciating each other’s opinions and advice. They do often end up in the same taverns when Seadna tells stories but only regularly see each other when the garrison needs both of their services.
  • Pischio and Gwaethon are only vaguely aware of each other. Gwaethon knows Pischio by sight but that is because Goliaths sort of stand out. In the few months that Pischio has been in town Gwaethon has dealt with several issues between the Bronzewood lodge and the various mines and Pischio’s expert knowledge has aided the negotiations.

Important NPCs in brief

  • Lady Valna Lyndmoore, Grandmother, Matriarch of the family, really enjoys hearing about her Grandsons adventures
  • Theren Lyndmoore, Father, Father, Merchant who deals mostly with elves out of Waterdeep. Their relationship is strained as Gwaethon has replaced his duty to family with his duty to justice.
  • Adriana Lyndmoore, Mother, Gwaethon and his mother were very close while he grew up, especially for nobles. However, he has not seen her in over a year and is unaware of her recent deterioration.
  • Briel Lyndmoore, Child, Gwaethon’s sister, he hasn’t seen her in over a year. He loves her dearly, but is at times overly protective. He may not approve of some of her more risky adventures.
  • Theren Lyndmore, Cornet, Gwaethon’s Cousin, a calvalry officer with the Waterdeep 3rd Company. Theren seeks glory and all but mocks Gwaethon’s devotion to duty. Representative of the majority of the family who have issues with Gwaethon not actively aiding the family in trade.
  • Theren Lyndmoore, Trader, A cousin of similar age, the two get along amazingly well.
  • Valkus Dun The Priest in charge of the chapel of Tyr in Daggerford. Over the last five years he has become a mentor to Gwaethon.
  • Mélinde, An priestess at the Chapel and an avid Dragonchess player. Gwaethon finds her fascinating. Her opinions may differ.

Gwaethon Lyndmoore

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