Name: Séadna (SHAY uhd na)
Level: 3
Class: Runepriest
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Selûne
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Strength: 17
Constitution: 12
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 13

Background: Waterdeep (2 to diplomacy, +1 language), Noble (2 diplomacy)
Languages: Common, Chondathan, Elven, Supernal

Trained Skills: Religion (6), Athletics (9), Heal (9), Diplomacy (11)

Build: Defiant Runepriest
Feats: (1) Weapon Proficiency: Heavy Blades
AC: 18 Fort: 14 Reflex: 11 Will: 16
HP: 34 Surges: 8

Equipment: Scale Armor, Fullblade, Adventurer’s Kit

Feats: Weapon Proficiency (Heavy Blades), Heavy Blade Expertise

Drawing is copyright Amanda Bussell, shinga on DeviantArt


((Most of the following is information known only to Séadna’s closest friends. Talk to me to see how much your character knows and visit this forum thread. See end notes for pronunciations.))

Knight Captain Darin Ó Treasaigh was granted a very small holding as a reward for exemplary service following his injury in battle and subsequent retirement. He never talked about the circumstances that lead to his injury and change of station, being a man of few words and stern manner, but he worked hard to make the most of his success. With his newly acquired status, he was able to secure a marriage to the daughter of a minor elven noble, Niamh, and sire three children with her. The youngest, a delicate and lovely girl named Ríona, was the picture perfect noble daughter who copied her mother in all things. The middle child, the boy Conell, was groomed from birth to be the next strict master of the Ó Treasaigh holdings, despite his gentle nature. The oldest child was the girl named Dáirine. She was something else altogether.

Dáirine deeply hated her name. It reflected exactly how her parents saw her – “fruitful, fertile”, a prize mare to be sold off for breeding. Groomed to be a tool of the family, Dáirine was expected to learn the womanly arts and make a good marriage to solidify the family’s tenuous hold on nobility. Bold, fiercely independent, and naturally strong, Dáirine found that drilling with her father’s swords came far more naturally to her than waltzing in ten layers of suffocating silks. Conell was the only member of the family who understood and accepted her, and he was her confidant and sparring partner. Despite his younger age, Dáirine looks up to him as a steadying force in a chaotic world. He lovingly nicknamed her Síofra, meaning “precocious sprite”, though never where their parents could hear.

Forced as a teenager to be a lady-in-waiting to a minor human noble, Dáirine curtsied and embroidered by day and roamed the streets of Waterdeep at night. A burning need drove her out of doors and into new and strange places, constantly wandering and discovering. On one such excursion, she met a mysterious girl with a silver star on her cheek whose secretive smile lead her to a part of the city she had never visited before. There, Dáirine first learned of the goddess Selûne, the Lady of Silver, whose message of compassion and female empowerment spoke directly to Dáirine’s heart – as did her mysterious companion, Maeve. Dáirine returned every night under the cover of darkness, meeting secretly with the Silverstars and growing closer to her newest friend. Among the Silverstars, she learned of the existence of the language of divine runes and discovered an aptitude for healing. One of Selûne’s runepriests took her as an apprentice, and Dáirine delighted in the puzzles and mysteries of runic study.

After nearly a year of secret study, Dáirine’s life took a sharp turn. Within one week Maeve disappeared without a trace, Darin happened upon his son and daughter in the middle of a sparring match, and Niamh decided it was high time that her oldest daughter was presented to society for her first season. Dáirine was denied her allowance and confined to the house, putting an end to her nighttime excursions. With her brother forbidden to see her, her first love missing, and an ever uglier list of suitors forced upon her, Dáirine decided that she’d had enough. She threw her dresses and corsets in the fireplace, penned a note for her brother, and left without a second thought.

Dáirine took on a new name for her new life. She called herself Séadna: wayfarer.

With nothing but some patchwork armor, her favorite of her father’s swords, and a few days of rations, Séadna struck out to the south. Reveling in her newfound freedom, she walked the Trade Way by day and worshipped Selûne under the stars at night. She felt free and satisfied for the first time in her life – until she ran out of food. Thinking to earn a little traveling money with her healing powers, she entered the town of Daggerford with plans to leave again as soon as she had a few gold to her name.

Nearly three years later, Séadna still works in the silver mines under Filarion Filvendorson. Though she enjoys the physical nature of the work, she hates working underground where she can’t see the sky. She chafes under the bigoted rule of her boss and his elven employees, resisting every day the temptation to cause them bodily harm. She suppliments her meager earnings as a miner by occasionally telling stories at Daggerford’s various establishments. The only thing that makes life bearable is the weekly worship she leads at a hidden location in the woods outside Daggerford. Many of the town women attend in secret to hear Selûne’s message of tolerance, equality, and feminine power, much to the annoyance of the more traditional members of Daggerford society. Her full moon ceremonies are a deeply joyful and spiritual experience. The town leaders have recently begun hunting for the “Silver Sister”, hoping to stop her secret meetings before the next full moon. Séadna hates to leave her followers behind, but between the town witch hunt, her racist employer, and her burning wanderlust, she is more than ready to move on – if only she could.

End Notes
- Dáirine Ó Treasaigh is pronounced dawRINyuh Oh TRAYsee.
- Síofra is pronounced SHEEfra.
- Séadna is pronounced SHAY uhd na.
- See pages for individual family members for pronounciations.

Required Phobia
Moldy food. Anyone who has eaten a meal with Séadna has witnessed the care with which she checks every piece of food before eating it.

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