House Rules

Magic Items and Shops

You will be able to purchase standard magic items (+1, +2, etc.) from all of the armor and weapon shops that you come accross. The presence of other magical items will be minimal and covered by the store’s stock list, which will be on its wiki page.

Experience and Levels

I am not going to reward the party with experience points, but rather levels at key points. This will make the book keeping easier on your end and the encounter design easier on my end.

Rules Discussion

Rules discussion should not interfere with game play. That is why we have an area for it in the forums. If something comes up during the game, I will rule on it and then we will look it up after the game and we will determine what rule we want to stick to in the future.


If you are not having fun, you need to let me know. I am willing to make changes.

House Rules

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