Lyndmoore Family

Prosapia Justicia Prosperitas

The Lyndmoores are one of the most successful merchant noble families in Waterdeep. In the few hundred years since the alliance of a a minor noble lady and a cloth merchant they have risen from relative obscurity and are now bucking for the top tiers of the social economic ladder of the city. When wondering what the Lyndmoore family might do, think about the stories of the Florintine nobility. They are vicious and clannish in business and politics, but so is the rest of the competition. They have built a reputation as one of the more honorable families and are consistantly true to their motto: Family, Justice, Prosperity.

The family is very large and cousins live throughout the region. Traditionally the family names its children with Elvin names (most (70%) males are named Theren / most females Briel). This large, loyal network of trade posts, caravans, and warehouses means that the family is rarely without support. Other members of the family join the military of Waterdeep, fulfilling their families social obligations. The family also traditionally sends male members of cadet lines into service with the martial orders of Torm, especially joining the ranks of judges and arbiters. The ascendancy of Torm after Tyr’s sacrifice has been reflected in the rise of the family. As the family is currently very well off, both in title and in income, the children of even a cadet line are potentially valuable matches for any other family connected to the Waterdeep nobility.

If you are from Waterdeep you have at the least done business with them. You may have actually worked for them as they are happy to hire muscle, be it for legitimate guarding or for more traditional ‘family’ ventures. If you have need they are happy to sell letters of mark that can be exchanged (for a fee) for cash with annother member of the family, making it safer for travelers to cary large sums. They also operate an informal post service guaranteeing, for a fee, that your letter will arrive at the destination you specify. As they have regular caravans throuout the region they are actually one of the most reliable message services short of hiring a courier.

NB: The family is mostly half-elves, but could have Human or Elf statistics depending on the branch and the needs of the DM.

Members of Note

Gwaethon Lyndmoore, Arbiter of Torm (PC)

Lady Valna Lyndmoore, Matriarch, ruthless in business, but cares greatly for her adventuring grandchildren.

Theren Lyndmoore, Cornet A junior calvary officer in the Waterdeep 3rd Company stationed in Daggerford, Arrogant Glory hound, an excellent rider

Theren Lyndmoore, Younger family member who leads trade caravans, World traveler who likes exploring

Theren Lyndmoore, Gwaethon’s Father. A merchant who specializes in dealing with the Elvish noble houses.

Adriana Lyndmoore, Gwaethon’s Mother. A woman who is growing increasingly more unstable as the year passes by.

Briel Lyndmoore, Gwaethon’s younger sister. Her upcoming debut will be one of the biggest events of the season.

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Lyndmoore Family

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